*Enrollment Starting January 2022
Weight Loss Break Through Program

End Yo-Yo Dieting Forever and Finally Achieve Sustainable Weight Loss!

  • Do you feel hopeless, thinking that “at this age” you’ll never lose the weight and even if you do, you’ll just gain it right back?
  • ​Are you discouraged that you’ve gained weight during a stressful time, your clothes don’t fit anymore and no matter what you do, you can’t get the weight off?
  • ​Are you frustrated that you’re already eating healthy but “healthy” isn’t leading to weight loss?

Break free from the hidden habits that keep you from reaching your optimal weight and health and
lose 8-30 lbs (or 1-2 sizes) in 8 weeks
so that you feel fit, free and happy at any age.

“Hi, I’m Dr. Ti Caudron. PhD, and I make weight loss inevitable. As a Sustainable Weight Loss Expert, I’ve helped more 10,000 women over 40 finally lose the weight—and keep it off! “
My Weight Loss Break Through Program is guaranteed to help you lose 8-30 lbs in only eight weeks while breaking free from the hidden habits that keep you overweight. You’ll regain your confidence, energy and and get the momentum necessary to reach and maintain your optimal weight and health.

When you join Weight Loss Break Through, you’re also signing up for the unparalleled support and accountability of our VitaliTi Community. We’re here to make sure you live fit, free, and happy at any age!

"My entire relationship with food and health is changed for life!”

“Ti is a magician. I just couldn’t lose the weight on my own. After getting on her program, I dropped 14 lbs in 5 weeks and got "me" back. My entire relationship with food and health is changed for life!”
- Jackie D. Age 46

Weight Loss Break Through 8-Week Program

Week 1: Unhook

The first step on the path to healthier, intuitive eating

By focusing on nourishing foods and a clear structure, you'll “unhook” from the foods that keep you craving the bad stuff. There are 2 parts to this process: Part 1: Hyper nourishing your body with nutrient-rich foods. Part 2: Removing the foods that may be causing inflammation and promoting unhealthy cravings.

Week 2: Customize

A customized nutrition program makes weight loss easier and sustainable

In your first two weeks, we'll help you develop a healthy eating style that matches your metabolic type and lifestyle so that it's easy to follow and naturally satisfying. Some will discover they do better with a higher fat eating style and some will benefit from a higher carb eating style. We help you figure out which works best for you.

Week 3-5: Detox

Reset your metabolism with a science-backed detox

The secret of permanent weight loss is detoxing as you go which aids fat loss, reduces inflammation and helps you avoid weight loss plateaus. We provide a curated detox supplement kit that will accelerate the detoxing process and leave you with glowing skin, and the increased energy and focus you need to sustain your weight loss. By the end of this phase, most people experience a clear sense of well-being.

Week 6: Personal Road Map

A personalized plan designed to help you stay on track

We help you create a plan that allows you to enjoy what is most important to you while enabling you to progress towards your health and weight loss goals. You’ll get strategies for navigating inevitable distractions and temptations. We’ll also create your personalized 12-month Permanent Weight Loss Road Map which shifts the focus away from “dieting” and provides the structure and support you need to sustain a long-term, healthy lifestyle.

Week 7: Intro to Gut Restore

Gut health is critical to achieving long term health and fitness

This week you'll learn which eating habits and supplements will help restore your gut health. We’ll show you ways to improve your digestion and avoid the things that can damage the gut. As a result, those frustrating symptoms of poor gut health like bloating, gas and burping will be noticeably reduced. Taking care of your gut also helps to restore energy, enhance mental clarity, and improve your mood.

Week 8: Sustainability Testing

Make permanent weight loss part of your personal lifestyles

This is the week you get to have a few splurges so you can observe which foods are triggers and which you can slowly begin to integrate again. You’ll start incorporating everything you’ve learned into your lifestyle and develop a mindset that will help keep you on track towards permanent weight loss. We’ll also help you decide the next steps along your path to make sure you get all the support you need to live fit, free and happy at any age!

Bonus: 10-Day Smoothie Reset

Prep-Week Starts January 3rd
The 10-Day Smoothie Reset will prepare you for Weight Loss Break Through by getting you started on your healthy habits!

During the 10 Days You Will:

  • Enjoy 1 to 3 deliciously satisfying smoothies per day and watch the weight start to melt off.
  • ​Boost your metabolism to help keep the weight off.
  • ​​Enhance your body's natural detoxification process.
  • ​​Nourish and hydrate your body for skin that glows.
  • ​​Feel energized, healthy, and motivated.
*You will be automatically registered for the 10-Day Smoothie Reset!

“Ti makes weight loss inevitable!”

“No matter how sure you are that you won’t be able to lose weight, there’s still reason to hope because Ti makes weight loss inevitable. Everyone succeeds in her programs - it’s truly amazing. She’s able to explain everything so simply and is so motivating, that I finally was able to lose the weight that I had been trying to lose my whole life. (And I’m 55!) Her program is the only thing that has worked for me. The support and the community is just what I needed to be motivated to make these changes permanent.”
- Cheryl R. Age 55

8 Weeks of Live Coaching with Ti and the VitaliTi Coaches

  • Live weekly training focused on each week’s curriculum with real-time Q&A and one-on-one support. 
  • Coaching tips to help keep you motivated, accountable, and on track to meet your goals.
  • Comprehensive guidebooks for your diet type (Keto or Balance) with loads of recipes, menu guides, meal planning and more.
  • ​Judgment-free support from ViatliTi’s coaches and your Weight Loss Break Through community! 
  • ​Anytime access to recordings of our live Q&A calls in case you miss anything or want to review answers on your own schedule.
When you sign up, you’ll also get immediate access to our course portal where you’ll find all the course materials you need to get started:
  • Mindset for Success Training.
  • ​Menu Planning and Recipe Inspiration Training.
  • ​Downloads with food lists, recipe ideas, supplement protocols, and more.
  • ​Each week we’ll upload additional training materials including special handouts, replays and action steps.

When you Sign Up You’ll Get the Complete 8-Week Weight Loss Break Through Program PLUS Bonus Materials for

100% Money-Back Guarantee if you don’t lose 8-30 lbs or 1-2 clothing sizes in 8 weeks*

Because the VitaliTi Weight Loss Break Through program gets results, we’re willing to let you access class materials, attend the group coaching calls, and complete the program — all completely risk free.  

*By the end of the 8 weeks, If you attend all the weekly live coaching calls, follow the program, keep a food journal, and ask for help if you get stuck, we guarantee that you will lose 8-30 lbs or 1-2 clothing sizes in 8 weeks or your money back.

"I’m finally comfortable in my skin!”

“When the pandemic hit, I started gaining weight pretty quickly and reached out to Ti. I was 188 lbs then and going in the WRONG direction! I felt out of control, unmotivated, uncomfortable in my clothes and in my skin. But following Ti’s program, I learned how to eat for my body's specific nutritional needs, got the support I needed and was able to change my future. I’ve lost 34 pounds during the pandemic and now I love looking in the mirror. I’ve never been at this weight in my adult life! (I didn’t know it was possible.) I feel confident about my body and I’m finally comfortable in my skin!”
- Holly D. Age 53

"Ti motivated and inspired me every step of the way!”

“If I’m honest, I had pretty much given up hope of ever getting rid of my extra weight. I kept gaining weight every year, and I was unable to give up my favorite foods or my glass of wine at night! I didn’t think I had enough willpower and honestly, I needed my comfort food. Taking Ti’s class was a HUGE transformation for me. Not only did I lose 40 lbs over 6 months and keep it off, but I also learned that it was not my fault that I was stuck gaining weight and craving comfort food. Ti gave me the step-by-step plan to get the results I wanted fast and she motivated and inspired me every step of the way!”
- Karen W. Age 53

"I love how I’m eating. It’s not a diet. I even wore a bikini this summer!!"

“Before I met Ti, I tried everything to lose weight - Keto, Paleo, Intermittent Fasting, Plant Based, Master Cleanse, training for a half marathon...You name it, I had tried it. And nothing worked. I was feeling hopeless and worried that at 52, I had missed my chance for the body I wanted and would now have to accept this extra 20 lbs around my middle and thighs. I was scared that the scale kept going up every year. But when I started Ti’s plan, I learned so much about my body at this age that I didn’t know before and finally the weight came off! I love how I’m eating. It’s not a diet. I even wore a bikini this summer!!”
- Janet S. Age 62

"I finally found the structure I needed and lost 22.7 lbs!”

“Before I started the VitaliTi Weight Loss Break Through with Ti, I was unable to bring some "structure"to my eating habits. My eating was all over the place, really mindless. I can be an emotional eater and really function well when I "control" my eating, but it seemed really hard with everything going on in the world right now. Through her system, I found the structure that I needed and followed the system. In 8 weeks, I lost 22.7 lbs (yippee!) and lost 6 inches around the waist. My energy, mood, and focus have all improved while my pain and cravings have decreased. I feel so much better in my skin and I cannot even start to describe how much that is worth to me.”
- Sigrid D. Age 63

Complete Weight Loss Break Through Supplement Kit

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This combination is the backbone of our program and the silver bullet that helps reset your metabolism, making it easier to stay on track and helping you optimize your results.